Train from Madrid

  • If you arrive at Madrid Barajas airport (T1, T2, T3). You must travel to terminal T4, there is a 24-hour shuttle bus which takes passengers between the terminals. Its frequency is every 5 minutes, and this are the stops between T1 to T4:
    • - Terminal T1 floor 0 Departures.
    • - Terminal T2 floor 2 Departures.
    • - No stop at terminal T3.
    • - Terminal T4 floor 2 Departures.

    • a) How to get to Principe Pío Railway Station:
      Once in Terminal T4 you can take the RENFE Cercanías C1 train heading Principe Pio train station to catch your train to Ávila. The train station is on the terminal T4 floor -1, and is called Aeropuerto T4.

      metro Madrid

      You can buy your train ticket at either the Self-Service Machines or the Cercanías/Rodalíes Ticket Offices. Remember the train is C1 from Aeropuerto T4 to Principe Pío and the price is 2,60 €, unfortunately it’s not possible to book it in advance.
      • - The first train to Madrid (Principe Pío) leaves at 5:56 hours, and the last at 22:25 hours.
      Frequency: Every 15-20 minutes.

      Príncipe Pío

      Estimated travel time: Príncipe Pío - Aeropuerto T4 => 40 minutes.

    • b) If your train departs from Chamartín train station:
      Take Train (Cercanías) or Metro at Terminal T4 (Madrid Barajas) to Chamartín (train station).
      • Option 1: Cercanías. The Spanish railway company RENFE, connects Madrid Barajas airport with Madrid through the local train network service "Cercanías" C1 line. DEPARTURE = Aeropuerto T4 (Airport T4); DESTINATION = Chamartín. For passengers with long distance train tickets, or an AVE ticket (high-speed train), this service is free.
      • Option 2: Metro (not recommended). DEPARTURE = Aeropuerto T4 (Airport T4); DESTINATION = Chamartín.
        • Subway exit from Airport T4, Line 8, direction Nuevos Ministerios
        • Change to Line 10 train at Nuevos Ministerios station, direction Hospital Infanta Sofía
        • Get off the train at the Chamartín station

By car from Madrid

Ávila is located just 121 km from Madrid, so you can also opt to travel by car. Attendees can follow the route shown on the map, from Adolfo Suárez Madrid Barajas airport.

mapa Madrid

Bus from Madrid (airport)

  • You can travel from the Adolfo Suárez Madrid-Barajas Airport (Terminal 1 bus parking) to Ávila with the Jiménez Dorado Autocares company. (If you arrive at Madrid Barajas airport (T4 terminal), you must travel to terminal 1. To travel between the terminals, there is a 24-hour shuttle bus.
    The Bus to Ávila travels only at 03.30 p.m. from Monday to Sunday. If this time does not suit your Schedule, you must go to the Mendez Álvaro station.
    To get to “Estación Sur (Méndez Álvaro)”:
    • You can take the metro ( from the airport (T1, T2, T3 and T4) to the to the (Méndez Álvaro) Estación Sur Bus Station. You will have to take Line 8 in the direction of Nuevos Ministerios, at this station you must tranship to Line 6, until you arrive at a station called Méndez Álvaro (From there you will be able to access the Estación Sur Bus Station, which has a direct bus connection to Avila).
      This is the Schedule for (Méndez Álvaro) Estación Sur Bus Station:
      bus prices
      The ticket can be bought at this link.

If you have chosen to fly from Barcelona to Valladolid, there are several ways of getting to Avila. You can travel by bus or taxi to get from the Villanubla Airport (Valladolid) to the Valladolid train or bus station).

Taxi from the airport

Has a fixed price of 22 euros. More information about the taxis can be found on this website (

Bus from the airport

You can travel by bus from the airport, the service is provided by the Linecar company and its schedules can be viewed in the following document. Depending on the means of transport you have chosen, you should either arrive at the train station or at the bus station

bus hours

Train from Valladolid (train station) to Ávila

The service is provided by the Renfe company. The duration of the trip is of 75 minutes approximately (depending on the chosen train). You can buy the tickets on the web page of the Renfe Company (

Bus from Valladolid (bus station) to Ávila

The Company that provides this service is called Linecar. It only makes two trips a week, one on Mondays and the other on Fridays at 03:30p.m., the return trip is at 06:00 p.m. (Mondays and Fridays).