Rural economies and smallholder communities are struggling to sustain production, as low incomes, inefficient practices and limited access to markets and information are widespread. To overcome these challenges, holistic farming models built around a sustainable integration of human activities within the supporting ecosystem are required, especially in the fragmented Mediterranean agriculture. Unfortunately, it is difficult to bring to life alternative, theoretically beneficial organizational models, as the drivers of agricultural transformation are multidimensional, interrelated, location-specific, and change over time.

This workshops welcomes papers addressing the challenge of developing digital enablers to make carbon farming and other digital practices operational for smallholders, specially by means of the use of distributed ledger technologies.


  • Applications of blockchain in carbon farming
  • Smart contracts for carbon farming
  • IoT for carbon farming
  • Carbon farming use cases
  • Blockchain-based distributed IoT systems for farming applications


Program Committee

  • Dr. Yeray Mezquita Martín, AIR Institute (Spain)
  • Prof. Dr. Massimo Vecchio - Fondazione Bruno Kessler (Italy)
  • Dr. Miguel Pincheira - Fondazione Bruno Kessler (Italy)