Workshop on Blockchain for Climate Action (Farms4Climate)


This workshop entitled, “Building the potential of blockchain in farming”, is a forum that will share ideas, projects, research results, models, experiences, applications etc., associated with holistic farming models solutions for rural economies and smallholder communities born problems related to sustainable production, due to low incomes, inefficient practices and limited access to markets and information.


Recently, there has been a foc us among various researchers on addressing the challenges faced by rural economies and smallholder communities. These communities encounter difficulties in sustaining production due to low incomes, inefficient practices, and limited access to markets and information.

In response to these challenges, there is a need for holistic farming models that revolve around sustainable human activities within the supporting ecosystem. The implementation of alternative and theoretically beneficial organizational models is complex, given the multidimensional and interrelated nature of the drivers of agricultural transformation. These factors are location-specific and evolve over time.

However, a well-designed strategy aimed at establishing, accelerating, sustaining, and scaling new agrosystems should encompass certain key elements:

  • Applications of blockchain in carbon farming. Exploring blockchain for transparent, efficient, and incentivized carbon offset practices in sustainable agriculture. 
  • Sustainable Practices in blockchain. Exploring environmentally friendly methods within the blockchain industry. 
  • Smart contracts for carbon farming. Investigating smart contracts for carbon farming: Automating, securing, and streamlining sustainable practices in agriculture. •    IoT for carbon farming or IoT for Carbon Credit Management. Exploring how IoT enhances carbon farming: Monitoring, optimizing, and managing carbon credits efficiently. 
  • Carbon farming use cases. Examining sustainable practices and their environmental impact in agriculture. 
  • Blockchain and farming applications. Exploring how blockchain can integrate into farming, enhancing transparency and efficiency in agriculture. 
  • Quantification of CO2 Sequestration through IoT. Measuring the impact of Internet of Things on carbon capture. 
  • Quantifying Carbon Sequestration via Blockchain-Based Metrics. Investigating carbon capture through blockchain-driven measurements. 
  • Supply Chain Traceability and through Blockchain. Studying how to enhance transparency and accountability in the supply chain.

Organizing Committee

  • Diego Valdeolmillos – AIR 
  • Carla Gonzales Gemio - AIR

Program Committee

  • Abir REBEI, SQLI Services (Tunisia)
  • Houssem ALAYET, SQLI Services (Tunisia)
  • Juan Manuel Núñez Velasco, University of Salamanca (Spain)

General deadlines

  • Deadline

    15th March, 2024
    5th April, 2024
    12th April, 2024

  • Doctoral Consortium deadline

    22nd March, 2024
    12th April, 2024
    26th April, 2024

  • Notification of acceptance

    26th April, 2024
    3rd May, 2024
    10th May, 2024

  • Camera-Ready papers

    17th May, 2024
    24th May, 2024

  • Conference Celebration

    26th-28th June, 2024


All proposed papers must be submitted in electronic form (PDF format) using the BLOCKCHAIN conference management system.