Workshop on Beyond the promises of web3.0: foundations and challenges of trust decentralization (WEB3-TRUST)


Web 3.0 has arisen as the next step into the configuration of a more secure and trustworthy internet. This new stage in the deployment of web technologies is based on the implementation of new architectures for trust decentralization. Distributed ledger technologies and, in specific, blockchain are used as the main components to manage trust without any central authority. Nonetheless, the deployment of such techologies in real and practical scenarios is of problematic nature, and in many ocassions this lead to the re-centralization of decision taking. This being the case, governance and the supposed equality provided by blockchain and DLT are hindered, which eventually determine cybersecurity risks of major impact than those in web 2.0. This workshop is devoted to discuss these shortcomings and the associated cyber-risks, taking into account the current state of maturity of blockchain, smart contracts and the new governance schemes in the blockchain era.


Particular topics of interest include:

  • Security and privacy in blockchain and DLT applications
  • Smart contracts security
  • Blockchain and DLT governance
  • Decentralized Finance and decentralized derivatives
  • Decentralized Exchanges, including Automated Market Makers
  • Flash loans and market manipulation

Organizing Committee

  • Dr. David Arroyo - CSIC (Spain)
  • Dr. Jesús Díaz Vico - IOHK (EE.UU.)

Program Committee

  • Luca Nizzardo, Protocol Labs (Spain)
  • Antonio Nappa, Universidad Carlos III de Madrid (Spain)
  • Andrés Marín López, Universidad Carlos III de Madrid (Spain)
  • Andrea Vesco, Head of cybersecurity at LINKS Foundation (Italy)
  • Pedro López, CSIC (Spain)
  • Mayank Dhiman, Dropbox (United States)

General deadlines

  • Deadline

    15th March, 2024

  • Doctoral Consortium deadline

    22nd March, 2024

  • Notification of acceptance

    26th April, 2024

  • Camera-Ready papers

    17th May, 2024

  • Conference Celebration

    26th-28th June, 2024


All proposed papers must be submitted in electronic form (PDF format) using the BLOCKCHAIN conference management system.